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Your Property Inspector in Tuscaloosa, AL

At B.I.C. Home Inspections we are your reliable property inspector in Tuscaloosa, AL. Not only are we a family owned and operated company but we are a Certified Home Inspector. We offer fast turnaround times and comprehensive reports for your investment property in Tuscaloosa, AL. Investing in a property is a big step to take and an important decision to make, which is why you can benefit from having a professional inspector conduct a property inspection for you.


Start by calling us today at (205)310-6158 for a free estimate on your property inspection needs.

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Investment Property Inspector Specialist

Buying a property is a great investment to make, which is why you need a proper inspection from a certified expert to ensure that there are no underlying issues that may lead to expensive repairs in the near future. As a leading investment property inspector in Tuscaloosa, AL we offer comprehensive home inspections that include the structure, foundation, roof, crawl space, basement, plumbing, HVAC system, and more. We also offer a buy back guarantee, so call (205) 310-6158 for a free estimate.

Get a Professional Investment Property Inspection Done

If you are looking to buy a new home, an inspection from a proper home consultant is a great way to get ahead of the game to find and fix any issues. This speeds up the buying process and eliminates any unexpected expenses. Start by asking us today for a free estimate for your property inspection.


We are a family home inspection company in Tuscaloosa, AL, and also serve these areas:


  • Northport, AL
  • Brookwood, AL
  • Coaling, AL
  • Coker, AL
  • Lake View, AL
  • Moundville, AL
  • Vance, AL
  • Woodstock, AL

For more information about our inspection services, or to get a free quote, call us at (205) 310-6158.

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