Single Family Home Inspections

Single Family Home Inspections in Tuscaloosa, AL

At B.I.C. Home Inspections we have more than 10 years of experience in single family home inspections in Tuscaloosa, AL. We are a trusted home inspector and a family owned and operated company that offers a range of home inspections to our valued clients. We are a Certified Home Inspector and we offer inspection services in and around the Tuscaloosa, AL area and offer free estimates along with discounts. 


Call us today at (205) 310-6158 for a free estimate on your home inspection needs.

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We Offer Residential Inspections

We offer reliable residential inspections with comprehensive reports and fast turnaround times. When we complete a four-point inspection, we’ll focus on four parts of the home: the HVAC system, electrical system, roof and water heater. By focusing on these areas, we can identify any major risks or hazards quickly. Reach out to us now to arrange for thorough home inspection services. 


We’ll draw from our years of experience as home inspectors, as well as licensed home builders. Contact us today to start getting informed about your potential house.

We’re Your Home Inspection Consultant

When it comes to home inspections, trust the experts at B.I.C. Home Inspections. We offer a list of trusted home inspections, and we are a leading home inspection consultant in Tuscaloosa, AL. 


We are a family home inspection company in Tuscaloosa, AL, and also serve these areas:


  • Northport, AL
  • Brookwood, AL
  • Coaling, AL
  • Coker, AL
  • Lake View, AL
  • Moundville, AL
  • Vance, AL
  • Woodstock, AL

For more information about our inspection services, or to get a free quote, call us at (205) 310-6158.

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